Elephant Grounds – Hong Kong

12 octobre 2014 § Poster un commentaire

  Not far from the bustling Hollywood Road – on Gough Street, inside the concept store Woaw, you can find Elephant Grounds coffee. It is one of the two places in Hong-Kong to propose « Bulletproof coffee ». It was the first time i saw it on a menu, so I was curious to try.

  What is « Bulletproof Coffee »? The barista explained to us that it was coffee + fat (Unsalted Butter + MCT oil). It is supposed to be very nutritious and healthy.

bulletproof coffee elephant grounds hong kong sugarsheet travel best

When I drank it, it was like a latte but more heavier. I felt really full, and had no dinner after.

You can have your drink with « Homie’s Cookies ». And only on Week-end, they propose limited edition Ice Cream Cookies. You can check on their facebook page for the flavor of the week. I was lucky to have the Chocolate Mint Pop rocks!

Ice cream elephant grounds hong kong dessert ice cream sugarsheet sheung wan

If you are in the area of Sheung Wan, you should definitely visit this little gem. There is also a small terrass where you can sip your coffee when it is not too hot outside.

elephant grounds latte hong kong best sugarsheet travel food

Address: 11, Gough Street in Sheung Wan / Tel: +852 2253 1313


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