Eileen’s and Junior’s Cheesecake – New York

7 février 2015 § Poster un commentaire

As a dessert girl, my journey in New York was full of expectations and I was very excited to try cupcakes, donughts, carrot cakes, cookies.. and more particularly the original New York Cheesecake.ice cream cookie cheesecake new york sugarsheet cupcake

  Eileen’s Special cheesecake and Junior’s were on top of my list. Eileen’s opened in Lower Manhattan in 1974, and both are a landmark in the New York pastry scene. It is a little place selling this unique treat in different flavors. Trying the plain one is always the best introduction before having the others. The size of the cheesecake is the same as a cupcake and I found that the main layer was dense, creamy and very rich. I was full just after the plain one. Being used to eat cheesecake in France with a crunchy base, I found that this Graham cracker base was maybe too soft. New Yorkers seem to appreciate it, because there is always a queue outside.Eileen's cheesecake new york original cleveland travel best

  Junior’s is a very popular dinner in Brooklyn and exists since 1950. They serve breakfast to dinner and this is exactly the kind of place you see in the American movies. The cheesecake appeared on their menu in the 1960’s. At the entrance, you will have a quick look at the take away boutique where different flavors of cheesecakes are proposed. The portions looked very big, my friend and I shared a plain one for two. It was very dense and creamier than at Eileen’s. Barack Obama and New York mayor Bill de Blasio were recently spotted here. (Photo credits: NYpost.com) barack obama bill blasio new york cheesecake junior's sugarsheet

If you are in New York, I would say Junior’s is definitely the place you should go for tasting the original cheesecake. I loved the pictures of celebrities hanging just above our head, the attentive service and the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.  sugarsheet junior's new york cheesecake original brooklyn

Address: Eileen’s Special Cheesecake – 17 Cleveland Place & Junior’s – 386 Flatbush Avenue EXT in Brooklyn (and also in Grand Central Station, Times Square and Fox Woods)junior's logo cheesecake new york sugarsheet travel


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