Toby’s Estate Coffee – New York

8 février 2015 § 1 commentaire

Brooklyn is full of coffee shops and I was particularly excited to visit Toby’s Estate Coffee. Behind Toby hides a coffee passionnate, who started to roast beans in his mom’s garage. I visited the Williamsburg location, and I thought that on a cold snowy week day, it would be empty – I was wrong because all the seats were full.

toby's brooklyn estate coffee new york sugarsheet travel

There are many coffees in the area but this one was my favorite by far, as this place is illuminated by a picture window and their granola is delicious. If you are in Manhattan, you will notice that due to lack of space (and also high rent), coffee shops are small and do not have wifi for a better turnover. In Brooklyn, shops, cafés and houses are more spacious. You can sit here with your laptop and post pictures on your instagram peacefully.

 Granola toby's estate brooklyn newyork travel sugarsheet

+ They serve my all time favorite donughts from Dounught Plant, I love them so much ! 

Address: 125 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, Metro/Subway : Bedford


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