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9 février 2015 § 7 Commentaires

The best surprise of my journey was to discover a place which sold the best doughnuts I have ever tried. Until then, Krispy Kreme’s were my only reference, but I realised I was wrong – Doughnut Plant’s treats were beyond expectations. I think I have converted everyone around me to this sweet obsession. They were as surprised as I was when they bite in the dough to realise that it was not greasy / fat / heavy at all. doughnut plant grand new york best sugarsheet travel

It all started in 1994 when Mark Isreal took his grandfather’s doughnut recipe, using fresh seasonal fruits and roasted nuts in his glazes. He has now opened three « Plants » in New York and I heard that one will open by the end of 2015 in Long Island City. If you haven’t tried them while in New York, I would say you have missed a landmark. I never thought I would fall in love with those treats who are usually categorized under the « junk food » label. Donught plant new york tres leches travel sugarsheet

My favorite flavor was the one with the coconut filling. It comes in a square shape and there is real coconut inside a fluffly texture dough. There are also seasonal flavors, but the Peanut butter jam – « PBJ » is their best seller. I must admit I have tried all of them, and you will not be disappointed by any of the flavors. Mark Isreal perfectly shows how a doughnut, if well prepared and with high quality ingredient, can truly create an explosion of flavors in your mouth with each bite! doughnut plant new york brooklyn sugarsheet travel best

For the locations I usually went to the Grand St location, which was less crowded. I had breakfast there every time I was in the area, and enjoyed them a lot. I even tried to take some for France but I ate them all during the ride to the airport, it was hard to resist ! You can also find them at my favorite coffee shop: Toby’s Estate Coffee. carrot doughnut plant brooklyn new york best sugarsheet

Once you tried them, you will never be able to look at other doughnuts the same way..!donught plant new york sugarsheet best

Address: on Lower East Side: 379 Grand St, in Brooklyn: 245, Flatbush Avenue and just near the Chelsea Hotel: 220 W 23rd St.


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