Eat in Chinatown – New York

21 février 2015 § 2 Commentaires

Having already traveled in China, I was wondering what a « Chinatown » would look like. This neighbourhood is located in the Lower Manhattan, bordering Lower East Side to its east, Little Italy, Civic Center and Tribeca. There are many places to eat, and the majority of them are affordable. If you travel on a budget, this area should be on top of your list.

First stop was at the famous  « Chinatown Ice cream Factory », where they have original flavors like Lychee, Ginger, Taro.. for naming only them. It was very cold when I went there, but enjoying ice cream should have nothing to do with weather. Chinatown Icecream factory new york manhattan travel
joe's shanghai new york manhattan dim sum

If you are looking for Dim sum, Joe’s Shanghai is the place to go. Prices were low, only 7-8$ for the 8 dumplings. There are many tourists, but it has not lost its charm.

dim sum joe's shanghai new york chinatown sugarsheet travel

I saw many bakeries, and entered one randomly. There were so many choices ! I did not know what to take so I had these unidentified green bites. I couldn’t tell what gives them this unusual color, but the black paste must have been grounded sesame. If you are adventurous, it was at Lucky King Bakery, 1$ only for the 4 bites. Lucky king bakery new york manhattan chinwtown

Manhattan’s Chinatown will be full of surprise and make you feel like you are in Asia for a moment. Exploring this area will take you an entire day. If you have time, go to the Brooklyn’s and Queens’ Chinatown: another part of China on the American continent.

Address: Chinatown Icecream Factory – 65, Bayard St, Joe’s Shanghai – 9, Pell St, and Lucky King Bakery – 280, Grand St.


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