Eating Mandoo at 북촌 손 만두 – Seoul

5 avril 2015 § 4 Commentaires

Koreans call popular food spots as « Mat-jib » – 맛집, which literaly means « tasty place ». When you don’t know where to eat in South Korea, ask a local where is the nearest 맛집. Usually there is a queue at those restaurants but it is worth waiting. In the touristic area of Insadong, where you can purchase pieces of pottery, there is a nice place for eating « Mandoo » -만두. Japanese have gyozas, Chinese the jiaozi -饺子, Korean the Mandoo. It is located in a small alley, and it is called « Bukchon Son Mandoo » -북촌 손 만두. dumpling insadong eat restaurant seoul travel south korea food dumpling bukchon mandu seoul insadong south korea travel food   You will have choice between fried or steamed version. Eating just Mandoo may not be enough to calm your appetite, go for a bowl of my favorite spring/summer dish: « Neng-Myeun » -냉면, cold noodles made of buckwheat topped with korean radish (daikon). vegetarian insadong south korea seoul restaurant food travel noodles buckwheatinsadong mandu seoul travel south korea restaurant food dumplingdumpling noodles insadong food seoul south korea vegan

Address: Between Insadong 10-ro and 8-ro on the right side of Ssamziegil, subway station Anguk.


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