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When one of my friend visiting Paris asked me where she could find the best spot for enjoying french food, I was first thinking at the michelin star and the very demanded restaurants with at least two three weeks reservations. The Jambon Beurre then came to my mind: it is France most eaten food. For foreigners, French food means refinement but local people do not go to Michelin star restaurant everyday and it is not on everyone’s budget. Foie gras, Snails or Frogs are only eaten at special occasion and it is more a strong cliché than reality. Chez Aline Paris Sugarsheet travel small budget sandwich foodChez Aline Sugarsheet paris sandwich small budget food travel paris frenchChez Aline Sugarsheet travel food paris small budget sandwich baguette

Jambon beurre is very easy to prepare: you will only need a baguette, ham and butter – that’s all. But easy does not mean that all the bistrots prepare a delicious version of this sandwich. Chez Aline, the vegetables are fresh: crispy carrots, very tender asparagus and meat is carefully sourced. The Jambon is not the one you find in the supermarket full of « nitrate de sodium » (a preservative) but the « Prince de Paris » which is produced in Paris and is preservative free.

Chez Aline Bastille sugarsheet travel sandwich food paris small budget Chez Aline Sugarsheet travel Paris food small budget sandwich jambon beurre best

You can take away or have a seat with a glass of wine in the busy rue de Roquette.

Where? 85, rue de la Roquette – Paris 75011

Chez Aline Sugarsheet travel food sandwich small budget paris bastille


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