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29 juillet 2015 § 2 Commentaires

Most of the people who visit my blog think I spend my time drinking espressos and eating cakes. My close friends know that I indulge myself (a lot!) with « junk food » and balance with healthy food when I cook. The most important point is to have pleasure while eating and when I eat out, I make lots of researches to be sure the place I choose is worth it. I am often said that I am picky when it comes to food, but it is part of our daily lives and we spend an important part of our monthly income on it. When I choose a restaurant I want to know where the vegetable come from, the origins of the meat and if I can, know how the animals were treated. With such criterias, there are not many places left but I know I will enjoy my meal much more being aware of all this information. So yes, if picky means that, I am proudly a « picky girl ». Jeon Seongwon PNY Paris Street style Best Burger Vegan Gluten Free

I had a Korean friend visiting France for the first time, and I remember having never found a burger cooked by the book in Seoul because meat is imported and the bun is often dry. Chez Aline being closed, I brought him to PNY, located on rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, a long street my friend Sarah and I adore for its diversity and impression to be elsewhere. The return of cowboy paris best burger pny sugarsheet new york

Let’s talk about the burger ! « The Return of the Cowboy » – not the title of a country song, but it is the name of my favorite burger on the menu. Onion rings + Ponclet beef pattie + mature cheddar + bacon with a light bun, you get a burger which raises the level extremely high. If people are not taking you seriously when you say « Paris’ burgers are now as good as the ones you can find in the country of Uncle Sam », bring them here. Best burger paris PNY New York Saint denis sugarsheet gluten free vegan

PNY Paris New York burger fries best Sugarsheet Gluten Free Vegan Le Fooding

For dessert, take an impressive cheesecake with blueberry coulis. If you are still hungry after the burger, the fries and the cheesecake.. go for a Milkshake made with Pozzetto Ice Cream. Their Coffee is from Coutume, so do not be afraid to order an espresso without sugar. Vegans and Coeliacs are not in rest (winking at Alexandra if you read this!): a Gluten Free bun and a vegetarian pattie is available as well.

Cheesecake PNY Paris Best burger Vegan Gluten Free dessert Saint denis Strasbourg Sugarsheet

Where? 3 locations, check their opening hours on their website here.


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