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17 août 2015 § Poster un commentaire

As I have time this summer, I am trying recipes I had kept on my list. You can already guess, there are mostly desserts. I look a lot on Deliciously Ella’s blog, a truly inspiring british blogger who shares healthy and easy recipes. Easy is in bold, because cooking should be simple and without any fuss. The simpler, the better. Plus it is summer, the best time for eating sweet blueberries and strawberries, which means time for granola and fruit pie!

Sugarsheet granola almonds healthy recipe gluten free food52Sugarsheet Granola Gluten free healthy food52 Travel Recipe Cashew

I also baked a chocolate cake with a really strange ingredient. Hervé, in his blog proposes a recipe without butter and sugar, replacing them with a magic ingredient … Zucchini ! The final result is a really moist chocolate cake without any taste of the veggie. This is the most incredible recipe I have tried so far – easy and delicious. Sprinkle cacao nibs and some cocoa powder on top, it will taste even more better. Recipe here (in french).

Sugarsheet Zucchini Chocolate cake Best recipe Food52 No butter sugar healthy

If you are not a very good cook like me, these two blogs will help you reconcile with cooking. Enjoy !

WHen i try to cook something by myself Homer simpson Sugarsheet fun


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