La Perla ai Bisatei in Murano – Venice

23 septembre 2015 § 5 Commentaires

Finding an authentic restaurant is the biggest challenge when you are visiting Venice and its surroundings. By « authentic » I mean a place without overpriced dishes and aimed only for hungry tourists.

Osteria Ai bisatei Sugarsheet blog venice budget restaurant murano

If you have time to visit Murano, try to have lunch at La Perla Ai Bisatei. Located on the residential part of the island, you will eat in a family run osteria among glass blowers and locals. Spaghetti vongole alle Osteria ai bisatei la perla Sugarsheet venice budget murano restaurant best

La perla ai bisatei murano sugarsheet blog venice budget restaurant spaghetti vongole

On the menu, typical italian dishes such as Spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams), seafood plate and if available an excellent risotto. Despite the absence of any particular decor, I appreciated eating comfort food in a family run osteria after over indulging myself with gelati.

Murano Venice Musician Street Sugarsheet Island


Where? Campo San Bernado 1, Murano


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§ 5 réponses à La Perla ai Bisatei in Murano – Venice

  • Lorea dit :

    Hi Sugarsheet!
    Can I ask you where did you sleep in Venise?
    Thanks a lot,


    Aimé par 1 personne

  • Syana dit :

    You’re lucky 😃


  • Deborah dit :

    I was very disappointed by Venice. Was there years ago in February, with few tourists, but the hotel was old and shabby, the food was terrible and expensive, and the people made us feel very much the intruders… and I was COLD, so cold. The city itself is beautiful and so very different to anywhere else I’ve been, but I never felt the urge to go back. Now Pisa is another story. I expected tourists galore and found a beautiful little town with heart and charm.
    I will one day go back to Venice… I just don’t know when. I’ll have to check out your finds.


    • Ji dit :

      We were lucky because the weather was really nice and we did not stay in Venice but in Mestre, far from the hustle and bustle. I guess in winter Venice must look very dull..! Also, it is definitely not a foodie destination but there are still authentic restaurants and gelaterias held by Venetians with friendly service. Have you been to Murano and Burano islands as well?


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