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Sobo Badé is a guest house, restaurant and art space located in Toubab Dialao area, 42km in the south from Dakar. We had lunch at the restaurant, enjoying an amazing view on the sea surrounded by sculptures and mosaics. Sugarsheet Senegal Sobo Bade Dakar beach view nature travel seafood restaurant art sobobadeSugarsheet Banane plantain Senegal Dakar Sobobade Sobo Bade Best fish

Sobo badé has an original juice menu with exotic fruits such as ditakh, papaya or corossol, fruits I never tasted before. The corossol (or soursop) tastes like litchi and mixed with ice, it was incredibly refreshing!

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Senegal is also the country of fish. From Thiou, Thiof or Monkfish, they will always be the freshest in any restaurant you will go. Caught just before lunch and depending on the season, you will have sea bream, sole..  I had monkfish with fried plantain banana as a side dish. Plantain banana is considered as a sweet « veggie » and matches really well with fish. It is fried but not heavy at all. Shrimps and Gambas were also on the menu that day. Sugarsheet Senegal Saly Dakar Sobo Bade espace plage restaurant

After a digestive nap, go dive in the azure beach just below the restaurant.


Where? Toubab Dialao, Sénégal : once you arrive in the village, you have to ask the locals as there are no street names yet.



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