Jeokdang 赤糖 – Seoul

17 octobre 2020 § Poster un commentaire

For the past years Korea has been the center stage of all sorts of food trends, some curious, others unexpected. From « Croffle » (Croissant + Waffle) to sweet potato pizza – I lost sight of the traditional food I used to eat before moving to France. A particular treat I enjoyed was red bean jelly, called « Yang-gaeng » 양갱. Made of few ingredients: red bean paste, agar agar and a sweetener, it’s filling and has a great texture at each bite.

It can be found in any supermarket or you can try a chef version at Jeokdang in the Jung-gu neighborhood.

Besides the jelly in different flavors, the cafe also offers monaka (equivalent of ice cream cookie sandwich), red bean soup and red bean latte.

Where? 29 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul – for opening hours: here


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