Apero at INARO – Paris

5 août 2015 § 6 Commentaires

« Apéro » is the French equivalent of an afterwork with wine, cheese and ham. It is not a meal – rather a goûter for adult because of alcohol. Apéro is the best moment to discover typical french food: fromage (cheese), saucisson (ham) with a loaf of bread. If you want to have an apéro « dans les règles de l’art », I recommend you Inaro, a place where I bring visiting friends who enjoy drinking wine and are not afraid of strong cheese and spicy ham. Located few steps away from Place de la République, you will find stools or comfy chairs in the back of the bar which can accomodate groups of several people. Inaro republique  wine bar paris best budget apero cheese saucisson Sugarsheet Inaro paris wine bar sugarsheet cheese republique budget best  « Lire la suite »

Seoul’s Nightlife – South Korea

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Seoul’s nightlife is exciting, fun and affordable. You just have to know the right areas in order to mix with locals and have a good time. Seoul Five tables sugarsheet restaurant pizza hongdae best travel South Korea

  During the daytime, Seoul is empty : if you go to the department store or coffee, you will only come across « Ajumma » – 아줌마, (housewives), chatting about the future of their children, sharing tips and looking for the best « hagwon » – 학원, where korean kids go after school. Thanks to my parents who decided an education in France would be better, I was able to avoid this quite stressful schooling system. Korean people work hard, but also play hard. Many reports point out how much alcohol they consume per year and corporate culture is especially bound to drink. If you want to make a good impression as an intern, you better show good drinking skills. « Lire la suite »

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