Oysters at Maison Première – New York

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For those who live in Manhattan, venturing in Brooklyn seems to require more effort and you don’t see why you have to go on the opposite side of the river. Plus, you think you have everything in Manhattan, why bother going so far? If you discover places such as Maison Premiere, I’m sure Brooklyn will become a more familiar area. I really wanted to try American oysters, and was told that Maison Premiere was the appropriate place. They have an Oyster Happy hour, which means that these gems are at 1-1,25$ each between 5 to 7 o’clock. maison premiere oyster brooklyn travel new york

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Melvin’s Juice Box & Miss Lily’s bake shop – New York

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Sharing in this post another brunch / lunch spot I loved: Melvin’s Juice Box. They serve jamaican food in a very cool ambiance. Chicken Jerk Salad was incredible ! I saw the owner Melvin himself serving fresh juices, because Melvin’s is also the first Juice/Smoothie Bar in New York. Forget the traditional smoothies but expect spicy and unique ingredients in your drink. Not to be missed if you are in the area. miss lily's new york jamaican travel brunch juicemiss lily's jamaican greenwich new york brunch

Address: 132 West Houston Street, Greenwich Village

Brunch at Egg Shop – New York

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After a stressful week at work, New Yorkers meet their friends around a brunch. Popular places can sometimes show up to 2 hours waiting time. Whether it rains or snows, I saw lines for many restaurants. I tried the brunch at Egg Shop on Elizabeth Street, located in Nolita. Egg Shop Sugarsheet New York travel brunchBrunch New York Egg Shop Sugarsheet Manhattan Elizabeth

Egg Shop, as its name indicates is a restaurant dedicated to eggs. I chose the « Spandex », served in a bowl and my friend a personalised egg sandwich. The Spandex was a California style miso with quinoa, avocado, and poached eggs. It was fresh, simple and healthy. All the ingredients here are chosen with care: eggs are organic and locally sourced.

This place is very popular in the area, you will have to be patient. Once you are seated, you will appreciate the food much more ! Sugarsheet Egg shop new york elizabeth

Address: Egg Shop – 151 Elizabeth Street

Doughnut Plant – New York

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The best surprise of my journey was to discover a place which sold the best doughnuts I have ever tried. Until then, Krispy Kreme’s were my only reference, but I realised I was wrong – Doughnut Plant’s treats were beyond expectations. I think I have converted everyone around me to this sweet obsession. They were as surprised as I was when they bite in the dough to realise that it was not greasy / fat / heavy at all. doughnut plant grand new york best sugarsheet travel

It all started in 1994 when Mark Isreal took his grandfather’s doughnut recipe, using fresh seasonal fruits and roasted nuts in his glazes. He has now opened three « Plants » in New York and I heard that one will open by the end of 2015 in Long Island City. If you haven’t tried them while in New York, I would say you have missed a landmark. I never thought I would fall in love with those treats who are usually categorized under the « junk food » label. Donught plant new york tres leches travel sugarsheet « Lire la suite »

Toby’s Estate Coffee – New York

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Brooklyn is full of coffee shops and I was particularly excited to visit Toby’s Estate Coffee. Behind Toby hides a coffee passionnate, who started to roast beans in his mom’s garage. I visited the Williamsburg location, and I thought that on a cold snowy week day, it would be empty – I was wrong because all the seats were full.

toby's brooklyn estate coffee new york sugarsheet travel

There are many coffees in the area but this one was my favorite by far, as this place is illuminated by a picture window and their granola is delicious. If you are in Manhattan, you will notice that due to lack of space (and also high rent), coffee shops are small and do not have wifi for a better turnover. In Brooklyn, shops, cafés and houses are more spacious. You can sit here with your laptop and post pictures on your instagram peacefully.

 Granola toby's estate brooklyn newyork travel sugarsheet

+ They serve my all time favorite donughts from Dounught Plant, I love them so much ! 

Address: 125 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, Metro/Subway : Bedford

Eileen’s and Junior’s Cheesecake – New York

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As a dessert girl, my journey in New York was full of expectations and I was very excited to try cupcakes, donughts, carrot cakes, cookies.. and more particularly the original New York Cheesecake.ice cream cookie cheesecake new york sugarsheet cupcake

  Eileen’s Special cheesecake and Junior’s were on top of my list. Eileen’s opened in Lower Manhattan in 1974, and both are a landmark in the New York pastry scene. It is a little place selling this unique treat in different flavors. Trying the plain one is always the best introduction before having the others. The size of the cheesecake is the same as a cupcake and I found that the main layer was dense, creamy and very rich. I was full just after the plain one. Being used to eat cheesecake in France with a crunchy base, I found that this Graham cracker base was maybe too soft. New Yorkers seem to appreciate it, because there is always a queue outside.Eileen's cheesecake new york original cleveland travel best « Lire la suite »

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