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Cosmos Flower south korea

Jeokdang 赤糖 – Seoul

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For the past years Korea has been the center stage of all sorts of food trends, some curious, others unexpected. From « Croffle » (Croissant + Waffle) to sweet potato pizza – I lost sight of the traditional food I used to eat before moving to France. A particular treat I enjoyed was red bean jelly, called « Yang-gaeng » 양갱. Made of few ingredients: red bean paste, agar agar and a sweetener, it’s filling and has a great texture at each bite.

It can be found in any supermarket or you can try a chef version at Jeokdang in the Jung-gu neighborhood.

Besides the jelly in different flavors, the cafe also offers monaka (equivalent of ice cream cookie sandwich), red bean soup and red bean latte.

Where? 29 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul – for opening hours: here

Where next?

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Where will you travel after the confinement? Would love to hear from you!

Some update

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Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

I was really surprised I still had readers after this long break so thank you for graciously stopping by and take time to read my old articles. They all need an update, especially Seoul because most places I mentioned do no longer exist.

To compensate here are some amazing people / places to check if you have not yet already.

Plaq chocolate factory – It is no longer a secret that I always keep around me a chocolate bar. This is how I get my daily fix of magnesium-serotonin. I workout to eat chocolate. To reap all the benefits, always read the ingredients (not just for chocolate btw). Refined sugar and soy lecithin are no-no. 2 or 3 ingredients max and if possible sweetened with coconut sugar.
For lucky New Yorkers, Hu Kitchen have the best bars on earth.

Moon Juice – based in LA, I discovered them in NY through their crunchy crisps. Try the cosmic cocoa if you are around! I am obsessed with their dusts – you can purchase via Beautylish for worldwide shipping. I did notice a real difference for my hair after taking the collagen. Magnesi-om is perfect before sleep.

Museums to visit as soon as they reopen: Noguchi, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Leeum etc.


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Mangwon Tiramisu Séoul South Korea

Cinque Terre – Italy

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No words can describe how beautiful are the « Cinque Terre », located in the italian west riviera. I was lucky to spend few days there to explore each village. My favorite one was Riomaggiore, where we could observe a breathtaking sunset every night. If you are romantic,  you will like Manarola, if you are into wine, Vernazza or Corniglia, and if you want to get some tan, Monterosso will be yours.

Like anywhere in Italy, food was incredible: you can see locals growing up their own vegetables and I ate the sweetest watermelon and grape. I also discovered a regional specialty called « Farinate », a very simple dish made with just chickpea, water and olive oil, to be eaten with another specialty from there, pesto.


To go there, the best way is by train. I would suggest to take at least 24hours to explore well and admire the sunset. There are hiking trails between each village, although many were closed when I was there.



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