Peer Coffee Roasters – Seoul

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With Ho-Chi-Minh, Seoul is certainly the city with the most cafes per square-meter. But not all of them have good beans, and the competition on price / atmosphere is fierce. While discovering Hannam-dong, I came across this lovely place, located in a residential area. Peer coffee roast their own beans and they propose a different pastry every week. Peer coffee roasters seoul itaewon coffee best travel vegetarian hannamdong south korea

I enjoyed a Soy Latte which was perfectly soy latte seoul travel peer coffee roasters south korea itaewon hannamdongpeer coffee roasters seoul itaewon best sugarsheet travel south korea cafe

Address : Hannam-dong 684-32, Seoul (Subway Hangang-jin Station)

O’Sulloc Tea House – Seoul / South Korea

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O’Sulloc is a Tea house from Jeju with several branches across South Korea. Their teas are sold in department stores and you can go to the tea museum when you visit Jeju Island. As a matcha lover, O’Sulloc is like a second home for me when I visit Seoul. They have the best Soy green tea latte I had so far,  made with Soy milk from Jeju and my favorite O-Fredo, which is a Green tea Frappe topped with a scoop of ice cream. osulloc south korea matcha green tea garosu gil tea house travel innisfree

Pastries have a subtle taste of matcha and not too sweet as I like. matcha green tea roll cake osulloc seoul travel dessert vegetarian osulloc gree tea ice cream vegetarian seoul travel gangnam dessert

The Garosu-gil branch has a great terrass where you are surrounded by flowers in bloom during spring time. For fighting the summer heat, I always share a green tea bingsoo. osulloc green tea matcha travel jeju seoul south korea vegetarian vegan

Address: 강남구 신사동 580-5 / Gangnam-gu Sinsa dong 580-5 and also Dondgaemun, Insadong, Myoung-dong, Jeju and for other places check on their

Creative street food – Seoul

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The most original and impressive street food can be found in South Korea: from rainbow cotton candy to more traditional specialties, it is food heaven at any time of the day. And like fashion, there are trends: currently it seems like Churros are very popular as I often see people forming a line in Itaewon and Apgujeong. I really appreciate how food is presented with creativity and how delicious it is.  strawberry mochi seoul street food myoungdong food travel south korea mochi rabbit seoul south korea travel dessert food myoung dong where  I recently discovered those strawberry mochi covered with red bean paste in Myoung-dong and also the best Tteokbokki -떡볶이 in Samcheong-dong area. Tteokbokki can be spicy and hot, if you are not used to eat this kind of food, be cautious. It reminds me of my childhood, and it is a dish which is enjoyed at any moment of the day.hanok street food seoul tteokbokki south korea spicy hot

And below: not just cotton candy ..but Rainbow cotton candy! It was also in Myoung-dong -명동.rainbow cotton candy seoul street food myoungdong foodie food deliciouswaffle seoul street food myoung dong delicious ice cream south korea travelice cream waffle seoul south korea food myoung dong restaurant

If you want to try a traditional korean dessert, have a « Ho-ppang » -호빵, which is rice cake filled with honey or brown sugar. It is a sweet treat any Korean has tried at least once during their childhood. vegetarian seoul dessert street food travel south korea restaurant

I came across many vegetarians in Seoul. Finding vegan dishes in South Korea can be a challenge with the language barrier. All the food pictured in this article are suitable for them.

Eating Mandoo at 북촌 손 만두 – Seoul

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Koreans call popular food spots as « Mat-jib » – 맛집, which literaly means « tasty place ». When you don’t know where to eat in South Korea, ask a local where is the nearest 맛집. Usually there is a queue at those restaurants but it is worth waiting. In the touristic area of Insadong, where you can purchase pieces of pottery, there is a nice place for eating « Mandoo » -만두. Japanese have gyozas, Chinese the jiaozi -饺子, Korean the Mandoo. It is located in a small alley, and it is called « Bukchon Son Mandoo » -북촌 손 만두. dumpling insadong eat restaurant seoul travel south korea food dumpling bukchon mandu seoul insadong south korea travel food   You will have choice between fried or steamed version. Eating just Mandoo may not be enough to calm your appetite, go for a bowl of my favorite spring/summer dish: « Neng-Myeun » -냉면, cold noodles made of buckwheat topped with korean radish (daikon). vegetarian insadong south korea seoul restaurant food travel noodles buckwheatinsadong mandu seoul travel south korea restaurant food dumplingdumpling noodles insadong food seoul south korea vegan

Address: Between Insadong 10-ro and 8-ro on the right side of Ssamziegil, subway station Anguk.

Coffee spot: Sukkara – Seoul

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  Every time I come in Korea, the first coffee I visit is Sukkara. It is located in the calm part of Hongdae. I love this place because their chai latte & tofu cheesecake are the best in Seoul. I have tried many Chai latte but very often they were just too sweet (added sugar) and not enough spicy.

  Sukkara is also famous for proposing vegetarian/organic dishes.

  Chaque fois que je retourne en Corée, le premier café que je visite est Sukkara. Il est situé dans la partie calme de Hongdae. J’adore cet endroit car leur chai latte et leur cheesecake au tofu sont les meilleurs de Seoul. J’ai essayé beaucoup d’autre Chai latte mais ils étaient trop sucrés et pas assez épicés.

  Sukkara est aussi connu pour proposer des plats végétariens et bio. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset   The dessert menu changes every season, I like the summer one because you have the fantastic carrot cake !

La carte des desserts change chaque saison: je préfère celle de l’été car le carrot cake est juste incroyable !Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Adresse: 1F Sanullim bldg. 327-9 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu

Seoul’s Nightlife – South Korea

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Seoul’s nightlife is exciting, fun and affordable. You just have to know the right areas in order to mix with locals and have a good time. Seoul Five tables sugarsheet restaurant pizza hongdae best travel South Korea

  During the daytime, Seoul is empty : if you go to the department store or coffee, you will only come across « Ajumma » – 아줌마, (housewives), chatting about the future of their children, sharing tips and looking for the best « hagwon » – 학원, where korean kids go after school. Thanks to my parents who decided an education in France would be better, I was able to avoid this quite stressful schooling system. Korean people work hard, but also play hard. Many reports point out how much alcohol they consume per year and corporate culture is especially bound to drink. If you want to make a good impression as an intern, you better show good drinking skills. « Lire la suite »

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