Cà phê in Vietnam

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Coffee must be Vietnam’s most consumed drink: coffee shops are everywhere and it is enjoyed at any moment of the day. French introduced coffee in the 19th century and Vietnam is now among the biggest producer in the world. In vietnamese, coffee is « cà phê ». The specificity relies in the brewing method, as a metal drip filter is topped on the glass and is removed until the last drop has fallen. It reminded me of the italian coffee pot Bialetti, which makes coffee with a similar brewing method. caphe french drip vietnam saigon coffee cafe ca phe sue da propaganda

Because of the hot weather,cà phê is served with ice and for the sweet touch, condensed milk. It is then called « cà phê sữa đá », with these two ingredients. vietnam travel ca phe coffee ho chi minh propaganda coffee cafe french sue da

International coffee chains have set up in Vietnam, but none of them had cà phê on their menu. Do like locals, have your caphe prepared by the street vendors.  rooster street saigon nguyen du vietnam travel ho chi minh animal ca phe coffee french travel

Kem Xôi Dừa at Bùi Viện – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

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It is the first time I visit a country with such delicious fruits. I thought I would lose weight here but it was the opposite! Mangoes, Pineapple, Coconut and Bananas ..for naming only them were my daily treats (with Cupcakes). When I saw people queueing at Bùi Viện, located not far from my Hostel, I did not know what was being served here but it looked very good: ice cream on a coconut shell with rice and nuts flakes. This dessert spot was only frequented by locals and the menu was written in Vietnamese but there is a picture to help you choose. kem xoi dua saigon vietnam ice cream coconut dessert travel food vegetarian

Their signature ice cream is the Kem Xôi Dừa, if you love coconut like me, you will appreciate this dessert! kem xoi dua bui vien saigon ho chi minh travel food dessert coconut vegetarian ice cream

Address : 106A Lê Thị Riêng, Q.1 and the other one located on Bui Vien street, known as the backpacker’s area

Pacey Cupcakes – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

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After trying all kind of desserts made of coconut, I was looking for a cakeshop during my journey in Vietnam. Pacey cupcakes was on my way home and I entered, thinking it was only take away. The front shop is small but go upstairs, and you will find yourself in a timeless Saigon, where time has stopped for a while. I tried nearly all the flavors, and if you like durian, they have an amazing one combined with avocado. My favorite (and also of the owner’s) was Passion fruit. saigon pacey cupcakes ho chi minh nguyen du best sugarsheet travel dessertrestaurant greentea cupcake saigon dessert pacey ho chi minh This one above is green tea flavor and below durian + avocado. These cupcakes are far better than the ones I had in New York at Magnolia Bakery. For me, the cake part and the cream cheese should be in « fusion » when you take your spoon and take a bite. Pacey cupcake was all of that!durian avocado cupcake pacey vietnam saigon ho chi minh travel eat dessert

Saigon ho chi minh cupcake pacey dessert nguyen

Address : 53G Nguyễn Du, Quận 1 – for opening hours, check their facebook page here.

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