Le Jardin – Marrakech

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In the hustle bustle of the souk, hides Le Jardin, a fusion moroccan restaurant with secret terrass. Tajines, burgers, couscous for food and avocado and dates milk for the drinks. The interior is designed by a parisian architect and all the vegetables come from their private garden. By night, le Jardin becomes a candle-lit heaven. Le jardin marrakech Sugarsheet Maroc avocado juice veganLe Jardin Marrakech Maroc morocco Sugarsheet tajine veganLe Jardin Marrakech Sugarsheet Maroc Medina Morocco interiorLe Jardin Marrakech Sugarsheet medina maroc morocco Marrakesh


Where? 32, Souk Sidi Abdelaziz. Marrakech Médina

Around Dakar: Bandia reserve, Goree Island

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Major places to visit around Dakar:

  • Goree Island

Goree Island was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1978. It is today known as the location of the House of Slaves, the oldest building of the island. It can be reached by ferry from the Gare ferroviaire and it takes 30 minutes.

Dakar Sugarsheet Goree Island House of Slaves Senegal Travel

The House of Slaves

Dakar Senegal Travel Goree Island Children school SugarsheetDakar Senegal Goree island Houses colorful Sugarsheet travel

Sugarsheet Goree Island Travel Dakar Senegal best Music

Goree Island Fish restaurant Sugarsheet travel Dakar Senegal best
Thiof, or ‘mérou’ in french with steamed potatoes
  • Reserve Bandia

For those who want to spot giraffes, rhinoceros, monkeys and crocodile, the safari proposed here will make your dreams come true! Beware of the monkeys, they are very fast and sly. Dakar Sugarsheet senegal reserve bandia zebra wild travel safariDAKAR2Dakar Sugarsheet bandia reserve safari baobab tree senegal travelReserve bandia sugarsheet dakar senegal monkey wild animal travelDakar senegal reserve bandia sugarsheet travel wild animal safariGiraffe Sugarsheet travel dakar senegal reserve bandia


Sobo Badé – Sénégal

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Sobo Badé is a guest house, restaurant and art space located in Toubab Dialao area, 42km in the south from Dakar. We had lunch at the restaurant, enjoying an amazing view on the sea surrounded by sculptures and mosaics. Sugarsheet Senegal Sobo Bade Dakar beach view nature travel seafood restaurant art sobobadeSugarsheet Banane plantain Senegal Dakar Sobobade Sobo Bade Best fish

Sobo badé has an original juice menu with exotic fruits such as ditakh, papaya or corossol, fruits I never tasted before. The corossol (or soursop) tastes like litchi and mixed with ice, it was incredibly refreshing!

Sugarsheet Sobo Bade crevette shrimps seafood best senegal Dakar travel

Senegal is also the country of fish. From Thiou, Thiof or Monkfish, they will always be the freshest in any restaurant you will go. Caught just before lunch and depending on the season, you will have sea bream, sole..  I had monkfish with fried plantain banana as a side dish. Plantain banana is considered as a sweet « veggie » and matches really well with fish. It is fried but not heavy at all. Shrimps and Gambas were also on the menu that day. Sugarsheet Senegal Saly Dakar Sobo Bade espace plage restaurant

After a digestive nap, go dive in the azure beach just below the restaurant.


Where? Toubab Dialao, Sénégal : once you arrive in the village, you have to ask the locals as there are no street names yet.


SAam – Paris

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Not really korean food, rather fusion, « bao » or « bun » are having their glory days in London, New York and now Paris. Pac-Man shaped bread filled with meat/tofu/fish with a spread of caramelized sauce and crunchy veggies, the pillowy texture of the bread can leave no one indifferent. Saam rue lancry paris republique Sugarsheet best korean food veganSaam Paris rue Lancry republique sugarsheet buns korean food best

At SaAm, near Canal Saint-Martin, the buns get the korean influence from the chef Kim Yoonsun with Bossam, Gochujang and kimchi. If you want to try something else than just buns, take the fried Gimbaps to share. Saam paris Sugarsheet Korean Food Best gluten free vegan buns bbq republique rue lancry

For lunch, there is a menu with two buns of your choice, a drink and a dessert for 15euros. The restaurant is suitable for coaeliacs and vegetarians. Saam Paris Sugarsheet rue Lancry republique korean food buns best vegan gluten free


Where? 59bis rue de Lancry – Paris 75010


Le Bal – Paris

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Left in abandon for decades, the City of Paris has decided in 2006 to renovate the space and transform it into a photography gallery. It is hard to believe that there is such place in this area: a children playground is facing the modern building and the surroundings are mostly kebab joints and clothing shops. Sugarsheet Le Bal Paris Impasse La Defense brunch Best coffeeSugarsheet le bal cafe gluten free paris best place clichy impasse la defense magnum

But most importantly, you will have to stop at the Bal’s Café as the food is really really.. awesome ! Two chefs, Alice Quillet and Anna Trattles are cooking british inspired dishes with lots of creativity. The week end brunch is quite popular here: pancakes, scones, bacon & eggs.. For cakes, they are the same sold at the coffee shop Ten Belles: pumpkin muffin topped with yogurt, crunchy cookie and the chocolate-raspberry tart. SUGARSHEETBLOGLEBAL

Sugarsheet Le Bal Paris clichy best coffee impasse la defense


Where? 6 Impasse de la Défense – 75018 Paris

Sugarsheet Paris Le Bal clichy impasse la defense brunch cafe photography gallery

Claus, the Breakfast shop – Paris

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Just near Christian Louboutin – the red sole shoe master, you can find Claus breakfast shop. I regularly go there to buy my Mini Magoo’s granola, the only place in Paris to sell them. They have coffee beans from Coutume, Christine Feber jams and a big choice of various product from tea to eggs, dedicated to the most important meal of the day.

CLaus sugarsheet breakfast best paris coffee pastries

Also on the take away menu: coffees, pastries, cakes & flowers.

Claus Paris Best Breakfast Louvres Rivoli Sugarsheet Travel French Coffee

Where? 15, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Paris 75001

Shakespeare and Company Coffeeshop – Paris

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Shakespeare & Company, the worldwide famous bookshop located on Paris’ left bank has associated with Marc Grossman from Bob’s Kitchen–(also Bakeshop-JuiceBar) and Café Lomi for their new coffeeshop. SHAKESPEARE COMPANY Coffeeshop best coffee paris Sugarsheet notre dame

Founded by the American expatriate George Whitman in the 1950s, it is not a library you go for finding a book in particular but rather for its bohemian atmosphere and browse inside the historic building. Few Parisian know this place as they avoid Notre Dame, considered to be « Trop touristique! » – too touristic for them! This coffeeshop should help them reconcile with Paris’ most attractive landmark.

Shakespeare Company Bookshop Paris best coffee coffeeshop Sugarsheet Travel Notre Dame

There is a terrass but the inside is really comfy, and you can also grab one of the books available on the shelves while enjoying your mug of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Shakespeare and co Paris bookshop notre dame coffee shop pumpkin pie vegan cafe

Shakespeare company paris sugarsheet lomi coffeeshop best coffee

Where? 37, rue de la Bûcherie – Paris 75005