Jack’s Wife Freda – New York

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I am posting this article quite late since my journey in New York, but I wanted to share with you the brunch I had at the very popular Jack’s Wife Freda, located on Lafayette Street. Despite early arrival with my friend – plus it was very freezing that day, we waited an hour before being seated. Atmosphere is very lively and warm inside. American-mediterranean inspiration dishes such as Shakshuka, halloumi cheese and burgers are on the menu. jack's wife freda shakshuka lafayette new york best brunch For those who wonder what shakshuka is, I did not know either before trying it for the first time here, it is a dish made of poached eggs and spicy tomato sauce. And last but not least, I would recommend their Cantaloupe Mimosa ! jacks wife freda burger soho best brunch new york travel food usajacks wife freda lafayette best brunch soho new york travel food usa

Address: 2 locations – 224, Lafayette Street and 50, Carmine Street


Cafe Kitsune, rue Condorcet – Paris

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Another Café Kitsune has opened on rue Condorcet. The first location is inside the Jardin du Palais Royal. Glad to see that places like that are opening in Paris! Ice creams by Martine Lambert are currently only available at the Palais Royal location.

cafe kitsune paris condorcet ice cream espresso best cafe pigalle Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Address: 68, rue Condorcet – Paris 75009

Anthracite Coffee Roasters – Seoul

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Located in what used to be a shoe factory, Anthracite coffee is hidden between residential buildings near Hapjeong and Seongsu station. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you will be able to appreciate carefully sourced beans in a calm atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle. anthracite coffee seoul hongdae hapjeong hip cool best travel south korea beans espresso Seoul coffee anthracite roasters best beans travel south korea  hip cool

Their pastries are very good, and the 2nd floor is very spacious with a terrass for sunny days. Thanks again 수영언니 for showing me this place. seoul anthracite marble cake best coffee south korea travel beans hip cool seoul anthracite coffee roasters best south korea travel shoe factory

Address: 357-6 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu

Le Marais: The Broken Arm – Paris

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  Paris coffee scene has become more and more interesting, as coffee starts to be as important as wine or cheese. French people drink espresso, and in most of bistrots and cafés, if you want the « american » version, you have to precise « café allongé, s’il vous plaît » – an espresso with added water. I am always amused when I observe foreigner’s reaction when they order a coffee and they see it arriving in a tiny cup. Although the taste of espresso is very strong, the concentration of caffeine is less important than in an americano because the brewing time is longer for the americano.  the broken arm concept store cafe espresso paris french breakfast travel france

  In Le Marais, I often go to a place called The Broken Arm. It is inside a concept store, and it was opened by a group of friends who were helding a blog called « Des Jeunes Gens Modernes » (blog now closed, link not found). They are famous for the Blueberry cheesecake (made by Rachel’s, not to be missed!), and the nice atmosphere. I really wish this café would be also opened on Sunday. cheesecake blueberry myrtille rachels paris le marais the broken arm best paris french france travel breakfast brunch Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  You can have lunch here as well as just a pastry with your coffee. It is not far from the Jacques Génin chocolaterie. Vous pouvez également déjeuner, ou bien prendre simplement une pâtisserie avec votre café. Le café est situé non loin de la chocolaterie de Jacques Génin. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetthe broken arm paris le marais bagel travel cool

Address: 12, rue Perrée – 75003 Paris

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Le Marais: Jacques Génin – Paris

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  I’m going to share in this post one of my favorite spots in the Marais. As you now know, I love everything sweet, and i will not make any exception here. When I am in this area, I always feel obliged to visit Jacques Génin’s amazing chocolaterie. For me they are the best ones I have ever had. Since I have tried them, I can’t eat chocolate elsewhere. There used to be a pastry shop, but due to high demand, M.Génin has stopped selling them. Fortunately, he still proposes them in the tea room inside the store. His Tarte au citron is considered as one of the best ones in Paris but I don’t like lemon (too sour for me) but my friends who like lemon tart a lot, told me this one is definitely the best. I choose the very impressive Paris-Brest, which is, trust me a meal in itself! If you intend to take one, don’t eat anything before. The pecan pie is also delicious.

  Je vais partager un de mes endroits préférés dans le Marais. Comme vous le savez maintenant, j’aime tout ce qui est sucré et je ne ferai pas d’exception dans ce post. Quand je suis dans ce quartier, je me sens toujours obligée de faire un saut à la chocolaterie de Jacques Génin. Ce sont les meilleurs chocolats auxquels j’ai pu goûter. Il y avait aussi une pâtisserie, mais en raison d’une très forte demande M.Génin a décidé d’arrêter de les vendre en part individuelles. Ils sont heureusement toujours disponible dans le salon de thé et sur commande. La tarte au citron est considérée comme étant l’une des meilleures de Paris – je n’aime pas trop le citron (assez acide pour moi), mais mes amis qui adorent les tartes au citron m’ont confirmé que celle-ci était la meilleure. Je choisis le Paris Brest qui est un repas en lui même car il est très imposant ! Si vous avez l’intention d’en prendre un, ne mangez rien avant. La tarte au noix de pécan est aussi délicieuse.  Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset1415396283.923138.611415381547.339015.43

  The caramels and the pâte aux fruits are also wonders. I would recommend to avoid the afternoon on week ends because you will have to wait for an hour or two before being seated in the tea room.

  Les caramels et les pâte aux fruits sont aussi de petites merveilles. Je déconseillerai de venir les après midi en week-end car vous risquez d’attendre une heure ou deux avant d’être installé dans le salon de thé. 1415396282.762618.58

Address / Adresse: 133, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Café Kitsune – Paris

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  When I have time, I always manage to walk through the Jardins du Palais Royal. It is peaceful, calm and one of my favorite café is there. Kitsune is a French electronic music record label and also a fashion label. The stores are located in New York, Paris and Tokyo, in the very cool area of Aoyama. « Kitsune » means Fox in japanese.

kitsune-logo Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset   The Café is located in the 51, Galerie de Montpensier between vintage shops and restaurants. There is a terrace and all the office workers of the area take an espresso here after their lunch.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  The choice of drinks is impressive for a tiny café like this one: they have Juices from Bob’s cold press, cafés (espresso, latte, american) and… Green Tea Latte ! I am sure Green tea drinks could be popular in Paris, but it reminds french people the time when their mom obliged them to eat brocoli and spinach. Green = bad memories. But I still have hope it will be on the menus of many cafés.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset  With your tea, coffee, you can take a Cookie or a loaf of cake from Noglu, a gluten free bakery. And the baristas are always in a good mood, which is not always common in Paris.

Address: 51, Galerie de Montpensier / Tel: 0142603428

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