Eileen’s and Junior’s Cheesecake – New York

7 février 2015 § Poster un commentaire

As a dessert girl, my journey in New York was full of expectations and I was very excited to try cupcakes, donughts, carrot cakes, cookies.. and more particularly the original New York Cheesecake.ice cream cookie cheesecake new york sugarsheet cupcake

  Eileen’s Special cheesecake and Junior’s were on top of my list. Eileen’s opened in Lower Manhattan in 1974, and both are a landmark in the New York pastry scene. It is a little place selling this unique treat in different flavors. Trying the plain one is always the best introduction before having the others. The size of the cheesecake is the same as a cupcake and I found that the main layer was dense, creamy and very rich. I was full just after the plain one. Being used to eat cheesecake in France with a crunchy base, I found that this Graham cracker base was maybe too soft. New Yorkers seem to appreciate it, because there is always a queue outside.Eileen's cheesecake new york original cleveland travel best « Lire la suite »

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