Mori Yoshida – Paris

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After visiting Tokyo last year, I discovered a city which was mastering fine pastries as well as do the French. Many chefs study in France and return to Japan for opening their own shops. Among them some decide to stay in France, as it is the case for Mori Yoshida, who was trained by Philippe Conticini, the chef behind the worldwide renowned « Patisserie des rêves ». The only reference to his japanese roots relies in the Strawberry chiffon cake, otherwise it is a classic « french » pastry shop with viennoiseries, cakes, macarons and fine chocolates.

Mori Yoshida Paris japanese french pastry shop best cake eiffel tower

Mori Yoshida has chosen a calm residential area – far from the usual tourists spots, with local customers who are aware of the quality of the ingredients. I am quite sure he will not stay unknown for a long time as his pastries are true pieces of art. The classic Gateau au chocolat is exactly what you are expecting from it: moist, with a strong chocolate flavor. I also tried the Chocolate Eclair, which has an incredible filling. You will not be disappointed by the viennoiserie as well: I had a crush on the Banana chausson and the Hazelnut financier.

mori yoshida best pastry paris macarons beige eiffel tower sugarsheet

mori yoshida paris macarons best Sugarsheet pastry eiffel tower

For me he does the best macarons. No fuss, just classic flavors such as Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla with a really dense and rich filling between the two meringue parts. mori yoshida paris best pastry banana chausson eiffel tower sugarsheet

It is located not far from Coutume Cafe, Musée Rodin and the Invalides.

mori yoshida paris best bakery pastry sugarsheet eiffel tower

What to try? Macarons for sure, all the viennoiseries and the Eclair !

Where? 65, avenue de Breteuil – Paris 75007

mori yoshida paris best pastry eiffel tower sugarsheet travel food


Ciel Pâtisserie – Paris

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In the 5th arrondissement near Place Monge, you can find a japanese pastry shop specialised in the angel chiffon cake. It has a spongy texture filled with light cream puff in the middle. Different flavors are available: matcha (my favorite), strawberry, yuzu – a japanese citrus and other flavors changing with the seasons. Their teas are from Jugetsudo and it is also one of the rare place in Paris to propose Matcha latte and Hojicha. ciel patisserie paris angel chiffon cake matcha monge japanese travel

The minimalist decor of this cake shop will make you want to stay for a tea break. The pastries can also be taken away. Every Saturday evening, it becomes a saké bar. The name « Ciel » means Sky, as the pastries really tastes like you are biting clouds. japanese sake bar ciel patisserie paris monge sugarsheet japaneseCiel patisserie paris japanese chiffon cake best sugarsheet

Where? 3, rue Monge – Paris 75005

Dessert spot : Okrumong / 옥루몽 – Seoul

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Okrumong is a dessert spot specialized in red bean. The strawberry bingsoo was seasonal but the version with red bean is a classic. The secret of a good bingsoo relies on the red bean paste : the beans should be tender and firm. I can recognize when it is fresh beans or from cans because the last ones are generally too soft and sweet. okrumong best bingsoo seoul south korea dessert travel food okrumong seoul best bingsoo south korea travel food dessert cafebingsoo strawberry seoul south korea okrumong bingsoo travel food south korea best dessert

Okrumong is an excellent place for enjoying this ice shaved dessert. For those who may not be familiar to red bean paste, the taste is similar to chocolate! rice cake seoul okrumong south korea travel food dessert best best bingsoo seoul south korea dessert sugarsheet travel

You can also try rice cakes made of red beans. There are several locations across South Korea.

Anthracite Coffee Roasters – Seoul

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Located in what used to be a shoe factory, Anthracite coffee is hidden between residential buildings near Hapjeong and Seongsu station. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you will be able to appreciate carefully sourced beans in a calm atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle. anthracite coffee seoul hongdae hapjeong hip cool best travel south korea beans espresso Seoul coffee anthracite roasters best beans travel south korea  hip cool

Their pastries are very good, and the 2nd floor is very spacious with a terrass for sunny days. Thanks again 수영언니 for showing me this place. seoul anthracite marble cake best coffee south korea travel beans hip cool seoul anthracite coffee roasters best south korea travel shoe factory

Address: 357-6 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu

Kem Xôi Dừa at Bùi Viện – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

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It is the first time I visit a country with such delicious fruits. I thought I would lose weight here but it was the opposite! Mangoes, Pineapple, Coconut and Bananas ..for naming only them were my daily treats (with Cupcakes). When I saw people queueing at Bùi Viện, located not far from my Hostel, I did not know what was being served here but it looked very good: ice cream on a coconut shell with rice and nuts flakes. This dessert spot was only frequented by locals and the menu was written in Vietnamese but there is a picture to help you choose. kem xoi dua saigon vietnam ice cream coconut dessert travel food vegetarian

Their signature ice cream is the Kem Xôi Dừa, if you love coconut like me, you will appreciate this dessert! kem xoi dua bui vien saigon ho chi minh travel food dessert coconut vegetarian ice cream

Address : 106A Lê Thị Riêng, Q.1 and the other one located on Bui Vien street, known as the backpacker’s area

O’Sulloc Tea House – Seoul / South Korea

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O’Sulloc is a Tea house from Jeju with several branches across South Korea. Their teas are sold in department stores and you can go to the tea museum when you visit Jeju Island. As a matcha lover, O’Sulloc is like a second home for me when I visit Seoul. They have the best Soy green tea latte I had so far,  made with Soy milk from Jeju and my favorite O-Fredo, which is a Green tea Frappe topped with a scoop of ice cream. osulloc south korea matcha green tea garosu gil tea house travel innisfree

Pastries have a subtle taste of matcha and not too sweet as I like. matcha green tea roll cake osulloc seoul travel dessert vegetarian osulloc gree tea ice cream vegetarian seoul travel gangnam dessert

The Garosu-gil branch has a great terrass where you are surrounded by flowers in bloom during spring time. For fighting the summer heat, I always share a green tea bingsoo. osulloc green tea matcha travel jeju seoul south korea vegetarian vegan

Address: 강남구 신사동 580-5 / Gangnam-gu Sinsa dong 580-5 and also Dondgaemun, Insadong, Myoung-dong, Jeju and for other places check on their

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