Cinque Terre – Italy

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No words can describe how beautiful are the « Cinque Terre », located in the italian west riviera. I was lucky to spend few days there to explore each village. My favorite one was Riomaggiore, where we could observe a breathtaking sunset every night. If you are romantic,  you will like Manarola, if you are into wine, Vernazza or Corniglia, and if you want to get some tan, Monterosso will be yours.

Like anywhere in Italy, food was incredible: you can see locals growing up their own vegetables and I ate the sweetest watermelon and grape. I also discovered a regional specialty called « Farinate », a very simple dish made with just chickpea, water and olive oil, to be eaten with another specialty from there, pesto.


To go there, the best way is by train. I would suggest to take at least 24hours to explore well and admire the sunset. There are hiking trails between each village, although many were closed when I was there.




48h in Vienna – Austria

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Opera and music amateurs will find their joy in Vienna as much as people like me who love visiting Kaffeehaus and eating tons of cake. And I did. 48h will be too short to explore the city, there are too much to eat and see.

  • Sachertorte at Demel & Hotel Sacher

Even if sweet delicacies do not excite you, you cannot miss out on the Sachertorte, a chocolate cake with apricot filling. If Hotel Sacher is well known for possessing the original recipe, Demel, the other pastry shop established since 1786, also proposes a delicious version of this cake. My personal preference goes to Demel, as I felt the taste to be more authentic and chocolate-y.

Sugarsheet Sachertorte Hotel Sacher Austria Vienna Best cake Chocolate apricot pastry

Hotel Sacher’s Sachertorte

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24h in Marrakech, Where to Eat and Shop – Morocco

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City of oranges, rugs, vibrant colors, I first discovered this city through the movie « The Man who knew too much » by Alfred Hitchcock where you can have a glimpse of the hustle-bustle of the souks and the mythic Jema El Fna place. Endless inspiration for many designers and artists, Marrakesh can also be tiring for those like me who do not like to bargain.Marrakesh Sugarsheet Spices Souk place des epices maroc morocco food vegan

Food is extremely generous: from sweet dates to citrus fruit, you have a variety of delicacies to excite your palate. Sweet tooth like me are in heaven: I had cornes de gazelle every day, and the best ones I had were from Amandine and Pâtisserie des princes. Dates and nougat ice cream can be found at Pâtisserie des princes for only 12 drh. Marrakech Sugarsheet Tajines Morocco Food Maroc Vegan Gluten FreeMarrakech Sugarsheet Travel pomegranate

For admiring the pink-orange shade sunset, go to the terrass of Café des Epices or Nomad, two restaurants owned by the same person as le Jardin. Menu at Café des Epices is quite simple with avocado sandwiches, while Nomad proposes tajines and couscous in a modern way. Their date pudding is worth the trip on its own. Gooey, spongy, sweet, it was the best dessert I had so far. I tried to bake my own date pudding back in France but I did not reach that perfect texture yet.

Marrakesh Sugarsheet Nomad restaurant vegan healthy best view terrass souk

Nomad Restaurant – Medina

Marrakech Sugarsheet Nomad restaurant date pudding dessert best morroco food sweet gluten free vegan

Date pudding at Nomad restaurant

If you only had 24h: have breakfast at place Jema El Fna where the juice sellers will squeeze you the freshest orange-grapefruit, then stroll in the souks where your ability to bargain will be challenged. Gift ideas are abounding: babouches (pointy leather slippers), candles, cutlery and the sweet pastries made with almond and honey.. and so much more!Marrakesh Sugarsheet souk shopping morocco maroc Marrakesh Sugarsheet souk babouches shopping gift ideas morocco marocMarrakesh Sugarsheet Rugs morocco souk shopping

If you have a nice flight company, bring back a rug. They are so beautiful, I felt really bad leaving Marrakesh without one. If you do not like to bargain, go to Chabi-chic, a contemporary & cool gift store located on the first floor of the Nomad.Marrakesh Sugarsheet Olive souk medina shopping morocco marocMarrakesh Sugarsheet Travel babouche leather slipper loafer shopping morocco

Marrakesh Sugarsheet Orange Grapefruit Juice Jema el Fna place best

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice at Jema El Fna place

Before sunset, go to my favorite Place des Epices where you will see women grinding henné, sip a mint tea like the Moroccans and enjoy the sunset.



Essaouira – Morocco

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Essaouira Fish Sardines Seafood Morocco Travel FoodEssaouira Singers beach Sugarsheet TravelEssaouira Moroccan Tea Mint Sugarsheet Travel Terrass view

Essaouira Salade Marocaine Vegan gluten Free restaurant best Moroccan Salad

Moroccan Salad

Essaouira Sugarsheet Fish best Beach seafood restaurant gluten free

Essaouira Sugarsheet Morocco Travel Fish

Fish Market in the Medina

Essaouira Maroc Morocco Sugarsheet Fish Citrus Orange

Pastilla Essaouira Travel Food best pigeon Sugarsheet vegan gluten free

Pastilla, Stuffed with chicken, pigeon or almond

Essaouira Sugarsheet Travel Morocco Beach sunset

Le Jardin – Marrakech

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In the hustle bustle of the souk, hides Le Jardin, a fusion moroccan restaurant with secret terrass. Tajines, burgers, couscous for food and avocado and dates milk for the drinks. The interior is designed by a parisian architect and all the vegetables come from their private garden. By night, le Jardin becomes a candle-lit heaven. Le jardin marrakech Sugarsheet Maroc avocado juice veganLe Jardin Marrakech Maroc morocco Sugarsheet tajine veganLe Jardin Marrakech Sugarsheet Maroc Medina Morocco interiorLe Jardin Marrakech Sugarsheet medina maroc morocco Marrakesh


Where? 32, Souk Sidi Abdelaziz. Marrakech Médina

Sobo Badé – Sénégal

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Sobo Badé is a guest house, restaurant and art space located in Toubab Dialao area, 42km in the south from Dakar. We had lunch at the restaurant, enjoying an amazing view on the sea surrounded by sculptures and mosaics. Sugarsheet Senegal Sobo Bade Dakar beach view nature travel seafood restaurant art sobobadeSugarsheet Banane plantain Senegal Dakar Sobobade Sobo Bade Best fish

Sobo badé has an original juice menu with exotic fruits such as ditakh, papaya or corossol, fruits I never tasted before. The corossol (or soursop) tastes like litchi and mixed with ice, it was incredibly refreshing!

Sugarsheet Sobo Bade crevette shrimps seafood best senegal Dakar travel

Senegal is also the country of fish. From Thiou, Thiof or Monkfish, they will always be the freshest in any restaurant you will go. Caught just before lunch and depending on the season, you will have sea bream, sole..  I had monkfish with fried plantain banana as a side dish. Plantain banana is considered as a sweet « veggie » and matches really well with fish. It is fried but not heavy at all. Shrimps and Gambas were also on the menu that day. Sugarsheet Senegal Saly Dakar Sobo Bade espace plage restaurant

After a digestive nap, go dive in the azure beach just below the restaurant.


Where? Toubab Dialao, Sénégal : once you arrive in the village, you have to ask the locals as there are no street names yet.


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