Where next?

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Where will you travel after the confinement? Would love to hear from you!

Some update

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Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

I was really surprised I still had readers after this long break so thank you for graciously stopping by and take time to read my old articles. They all need an update, especially Seoul because most places I mentioned do no longer exist.

To compensate here are some amazing people / places to check if you have not yet already.

Plaq chocolate factory – It is no longer a secret that I always keep around me a chocolate bar. This is how I get my daily fix of magnesium-serotonin. I workout to eat chocolate. To reap all the benefits, always read the ingredients (not just for chocolate btw). Refined sugar and soy lecithin are no-no. 2 or 3 ingredients max and if possible sweetened with coconut sugar.
For lucky New Yorkers, Hu Kitchen have the best bars on earth.

Moon Juice – based in LA, I discovered them in NY through their crunchy crisps. Try the cosmic cocoa if you are around! I am obsessed with their dusts – you can purchase via Beautylish for worldwide shipping. I did notice a real difference for my hair after taking the collagen. Magnesi-om is perfect before sleep.

Museums to visit as soon as they reopen: Noguchi, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Leeum etc.


Onion – Seoul

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South Korea Seoul plum travel

Seoul coffee 1945

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Seoul coffee 1945 butter toast South Korea

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Mangwon Tiramisu Séoul South Korea