Around Dakar: Bandia reserve, Goree Island

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Major places to visit around Dakar:

  • Goree Island

Goree Island was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1978. It is today known as the location of the House of Slaves, the oldest building of the island. It can be reached by ferry from the Gare ferroviaire and it takes 30 minutes.

Dakar Sugarsheet Goree Island House of Slaves Senegal Travel

The House of Slaves

Dakar Senegal Travel Goree Island Children school SugarsheetDakar Senegal Goree island Houses colorful Sugarsheet travel

Sugarsheet Goree Island Travel Dakar Senegal best Music

Goree Island Fish restaurant Sugarsheet travel Dakar Senegal best
Thiof, or ‘mérou’ in french with steamed potatoes
  • Reserve Bandia

For those who want to spot giraffes, rhinoceros, monkeys and crocodile, the safari proposed here will make your dreams come true! Beware of the monkeys, they are very fast and sly. Dakar Sugarsheet senegal reserve bandia zebra wild travel safariDAKAR2Dakar Sugarsheet bandia reserve safari baobab tree senegal travelReserve bandia sugarsheet dakar senegal monkey wild animal travelDakar senegal reserve bandia sugarsheet travel wild animal safariGiraffe Sugarsheet travel dakar senegal reserve bandia



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